Suman Bhattacharya

Sitarist from Imdadkhani Gharana

Sitar Classes

Suman Bhattacharya hosts face to face/ one to one/ online classes using Skype. If you want to register for a class, please fill up  the online class request form and submit. You can select the class option and preferred date and time slots. You will receive a confirmation email with class details and registration code. The options for classes are:

  • Basic Class (1 hour per class)              - 40 SGD/ Hour - Payable after the class
  • Intermediate Class (1 hour per class)  - 60 SGD/ Hour - Payable after the class
  • Advanced Class (1 hour per class)       - 75 SGD/ Hour - Payable after the class

You can make payment online using PayPal from this site also. The details for the payment will be provided in a separate email on registration.

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